Have You Seen The Backside Of Water?

Have you ever had a decision to make, but never seemed to be able to find a solution? No matter how hard or long you pondered it, no clarity seemed to come. Most of us have been at that place where we felt stuck, not knowing what to do or how to solve a problem. I look at a situation one way, and slowly the fear of making the wrong choice would creep in, and I freeze. For me, I live in this place of inaction for way longer than anyone should, allowing my fear of wrong choices to cause opportunities to pass, and have missed out on important events with family and friends. I would often stay so focused on the way I was looking at a decision and the fear I was feeling, but rarely breakthrough to find a solution. I am learning new tricks to combat this. I feel every person can move ahead when they are stuck by trying to get a different perspective.
File:Jungle Cruise Entrance Sunset.JPG

I was visiting Walt Disney World when this message of “new perspective” really stuck in my head. Within the Magic Kingdom, there is a ride know as The Jungle Cruise.  The Skipper takes you through different rivers of the world, full of scenery and animatronic animals, while telling really corny jokes.  As the boat progresses, there is a waterfall in the scene. Later, the boat circles around and goes under the overhang of rocks causing the falls to be on the other side of the boat. At this point the skipper makes a joke about seeing the “backside of water.” On one particular ride, this joke became more profound and less funny.  I have ridden the ride about a dozen times and never has it made a light bulb go off. It made me realize that the way we look at things has a dramatic impact on the outcomes.

Brooks Atkinson once said “The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one.” For many years I have looked at everything from a fearful point of view. Fear of making the wrong choice paralyzes me, not allow me to evaluate things differently. Doing this killed the creative mind and the ability to act within me.  Changing our view point in any situation allows us to grow and learn. It opens our minds to new experiences.

Many times people have given the advice to step away from a problem. That distance and inaction will allow you to come back fresh. Recently, however, I have been challenging myself to step around something that is going on in my life. Like the golfer on the green, who makes a complete circle of the hole before putting, we should look at our trying situations from all angles before being fearful.

When was the last time you saw the “backside of water,” and allowed yourself to look at something from all sides?

8 thoughts on “Have You Seen The Backside Of Water?

    • Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes the best way to learn about yourself is to write about it and share with others.

  1. bschebs,
    I am so proud of you for starting your blog. You have a voice and I’m glad you are sharing!

    This is a great post. I oftentimes am guilty of looking at situations from only one angle. This post reminds me of the 360-degree evaluation process. The gain the best insight, we have to look at all sides.

    Keep up the good work. I added you in my Google Reader and I look forward to following you!

  2. Recently, in my own life, I’ve been dealing with the complete, or near complete inconsideration of others. In a way, this really is right on topic with your entry today. When you dont consider the ramifications of your actions on other people, you truely are simply one-sided, one dimentional. You look at only one point of view, only how your action or inaction affects yourself, and no-one else. Its funny, cause rarely is the inconsiderate person trying to or is intentionally trying to hurt other people; it just dosn’t dawn on them to even think about how someone else would react.

    Its the same in your entry. You have to look at each situation, not one-sided, not one-dimentional, but from all sides, and all points of view. Not only will you treat yourself better, but everyone around you will benifit. Every opportunity that comes along Brent is filled with hope, fun, joy, fear, mystery, and utter confusion!! The ONLY loosing choice is NOT to decide. Dont just jump in, but please, hop in the puddle and splash around. Now Im just rambling.

    Bravo!! I have always loved the backside of water, and now, I have a whole new reason to. Keep this up!! You’ve got so much to teach us!!

    • Interesting take on the post, but I can see where you are coming from. How do you interact with people who act in that manner?

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