Welcome to Course Adjustments

Welcome to Course Adjustments. Brent is my name, but I usually go by BSchebs. I just turned 30 and was thinking back on where I have been and where I am heading in the future. That is the motivation behind Course Adjustments.

For so many years, I’ve bounced from one dream to another, afraid of actually pursuing the goal. I would plan, theorize, over-analyze, or run away, but I never actually went for “it”. I have decided to start a different story with my life, one of leaning, growing, action. Basically my life is making a Course Adjustment — and I invite you to come aboard with me.

My wish for this blog is to create a community where I will share my struggles and accomplishments, ponder the oddities of the world, and yes even wax philosophically from time to time. You will probably notice topics that lean towards customer service, social media, motivation and inspiration, but I’m not totally sure yet. I plan to let the blog develop on its own at the start as I find my own purpose and direction. I plan to post regularly; my goal is 2-4 times per week.

If you are a blogger, what got you started? If not, what’s holding you back?